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Why was giles Corey killed?

Becase he was accused of being a witch. But he wouldnt answer the court when they asked if he was or not. So instead the put stones on him hoping that, that would make him tel (MORE)
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How is St Giles pronounced?

My last name is Giles. When a G is followed with an I, the G is a soft G. That means that the G sounds like a J. To pronounce my name correctly you would say Jiles
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What was Ernest Giles known for?

Ernest Giles made several expeditions in the Australian desert. The first, lasting four months, commenced in August 1872 and resulted in discoveries such as Palm Valley, Gosse (MORE)

Who replaced giles on Buffy?

No One replaced the character of Giles. Although Anthony Stewart Head had a few sabbaticals from the show, he remained with the show through the last episode of season 7. the (MORE)

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