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Why is Saint Helena the patron saint of dyers of needle and nail makers?

Because she supposedly found three of the nails from Jesus' cross. Legend has it that one of the nails her son, Constantine I, place in his battle helmet for good luck and ano (MORE)

How did St. Helena become a saint?

St. Helena lived a very pious and holy life. At a very advanced age she made a pilgrimage to the Holy Land. While there, she located many of the sites made holy by Our Lord an (MORE)
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When did Saint Helena die?

Saint Helena Augusta died in about 328 AD. she had a magnificent life. She found the cross that Jesus died on, she found his grave, her son was Constantine the Great. She was (MORE)
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What are facts about Saint Helena?

A:Saint Helena was the mother of the fourth-century Christian emperor of Rome, Constantine, and held the imperial title of Augusta from 324 CE. It is not clear whether she was (MORE)

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Who is Helena sklodowska?

Helena Sklodowska (1866-1961) was the older sister of Marie Curie. Helena and Marie were the last two of the five Sklodowska children. Their older siblings are Zofia, Jozef, a (MORE)

What are the 3 miracles Saint Helena preformed?

St. Helena was a precongregation saint, we are only aware of one miracle in which St. Helena was involved.  While in the Holy Land on a pilgrimage to find the sites made holy (MORE)