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What does the cockle shell symbolize for Saint James?

The story of the shell has more of a religious note. Saint James of Compostella turned from the thoughts and pleasures of this life to meditation on the sufferings, humiliat (MORE)
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What are opinions on Jill Saint James?

It it a scam! They sent me stuff like "the days you have got left on this earth" I emailed them a few times but there are no answer, just the same email keep coming back ask (MORE)

Is saints row 1 for PS3?

No, it is an exclusive for Xbox 360. The PS3 release of Saints Row was cancelled. Saints Row The Third is forecast for 3rd quarter 2011

Where did Saint James the Greater live?

St. James the Greater lived near the sea of Galilee where Jesus came to live. Jesus called him and his brother John, from being fishermen to follow Him as His disciples. They (MORE)
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What is the birth date of Saint James the Greater?

St James the son of Zebedee - called incorrectly the Greater - (the  apostles have not given him this name) - was born circa 1 A.D.    Ref: James' Apocalypse: Mary wif (MORE)

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