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Where did Saint Peter live?

For the majority of his life, the Apostle Peter lived in or near  Capernaum, or possibly Bethsaida, which are both cities within the  region of Galilee, located right on the (MORE)
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Why did Saint Peter and Saint Paul become saints?

St. Peter because he was directly commissioned by Jesus to assume the mantel of leader of the early Christian community. In this regard, Simon Peter was referred to as the Big (MORE)
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What did Saint Peter and Saint Paul disagree about?

Peter felt that Gentiles could not become Christians unless they werefirst converted to Judaism and followed Judaic law. This included menhaving to be circumcised. Paul disagr (MORE)

Why does Saint Peter have two keys?

One for the earthly Church and one for the Heavenly kingdom. .    Catholic Answerfrom The Ignatius Catholic Study Bible, 2nd Edition, RSV Note for Matthew 16:19: the keys (MORE)

Why are Saint Peter and Saint Paul saints?

Peter and Paul were saints only in the New Testament meaning of the word. Canonization by the church does not make anyone a saint except in the eyes of man. In the New Testa (MORE)

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Did Saint Peter and Saint Paul get along?

Generally, yes. However, they did have their differences at times andthe arguments could become quite heated. They always settled differencespeacefully and Paul always deferre (MORE)

Which disciple outran Peter to Jesus' tomb?

A: In Luke's Gospel, Peter ran alone to the tomb (Luke 24:12) and found that it was empty as the women had said. In this first account of Peter going to the tomb, there was no (MORE)