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Where is knightsbridge cathedral?

The cathedral is fictitious, being the cathedral featured in Ken Follet's book "Pillars of the Earth." However, Salisbury Cathedral is near where the book's main events take (MORE)
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What makes a cathedral a cathedral?

A cathedral is a church which is the seat of a bishop; the word "cathedral" comes from the Latin for "chair" - cathedra. So it is generally up to the church authorities when t (MORE)
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Where is the city of Kiev?

Kiev, which is more correctly called Kyiv, is the capital of Ukraine, formerly part of the USSR, and now an independent country west of Russia.
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What Religion Is Saint Paul's Cathedral For?

  St Paul's Cathedral is a Christian church, and holds the seat (the 'cathedra') of the Bishop of London. St Paul's denomination is the Church of England, and is one of th (MORE)

What are cathedrals?

A cathedral is the principal church of a bishop's diocese, containing the episcopal throne. It's derived from a latin word - cathedra (seat or chair) - which refers to the pre (MORE)

Does Plymouth have a cathedral?

Yes. The Cathedral Church of Saint Mary and Saint Boniface in Plymouth, England is the seat of the Bishop of Plymouth and mother church of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Plym (MORE)