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Which saint is Liverpool cathedral dedicated to?

  Liverpool has two cathedrals - the Anglican cathedral and the Roman Catholic Cathedral.   Because of its shape, and because of a large Catholic Irish immigrant popula (MORE)

What Religion Is Saint Paul's Cathedral For?

  St Paul's Cathedral is a Christian church, and holds the seat (the 'cathedra') of the Bishop of London. St Paul's denomination is the Church of England, and is one of th (MORE)

What other religious group owned the cathedral of Hagia Sophia?

In 1453, the city Constantinople, which the cathedral of Hagia Sophia was located in, was under siege by Sultan Mehmed, a group of Islamic people, who wanted to turn the at pr (MORE)
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Why is Saint Sophia a saint?

Saint Sophia can refer to the basillica of Santa Sophia meaning "Holy Wisdom." This can refer to the Holy Spirit.
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Where did Saint Sophia live?

Answer 1 We do not know when, where or if she lived. She  seems to be more allegorical than an actual person.    Answer 2 Saint Sophia was not a real person. As far as (MORE)