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Why was Saint Valentine put in prison?

In St. Valentine's day, the Emperor was having trouble finding  people for the army because so many men were getting engaged and  married. Engaged and newly married men didn (MORE)

When was Saint Valentine canonized a saint?

He wasn't canonized, he was acclaimed a saint centuries before the  modern system of canonization began. The feast of St. Valentine of  February 14 was first established in (MORE)

Why did Saint Valentine become a saint?

Valentine (3rd century), martyr. Two Valentines are listed in the Roman Martyrology on 14 February: one a Roman priest martyred on the Flaminian Way, supposedly under Claudius (MORE)
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Where was Saint Valentine from?

There are nearly a dozen St. Valentine's.    There is no doubt that at least one Saint Valentine existed, in  fact, there are about 14 recognized by the Church. Confus (MORE)

Why did Saint Valentine become a priest?

A:   The one fact that can be stated confidently is that we know nothing  about the legendary Saint Valentine, not even whether he actually  existed. All that we know ab (MORE)
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Why was Saint Valentine imprisoned?

There are almost a dozen St. Valentine's, you may check them out at  the link below to get the story on the St. Valentine that you are  interested in.
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Who is Saint Valentine?

St. Valentine of Rome was a priest, possibly a bishop, in the third century. When the Roman Emperor made marriage illegal (he was having trouble rasing an army because he coul (MORE)