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What is sake?

Sake is a Japanese rice wine. It has a very crisp flavor and can be served hot or chilled.
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What is sweet sake?

"Sweet Sake" comes in two forms. The first is also called "Mirin"; it is usually an inferior sakethat you can use at home for cooking or in Japanese sauces; peopledrank it as (MORE)
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How do you drink sake?

Sake was originally created in Japan. It is an alcoholic drink made from Japanese-style rice, polished down and fermented with a special type of mold called koji . As with (MORE)
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How do you make sake?

To make sake, sake rice is first steamed. Then Aspergillus oryzae,a type of mold, is added to the rice and allowed to ferment. Waterand yeast is then added to the rice and mol (MORE)
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Is sake from rice?

Yes. Sake is a wine distilled from rice. It originated in Japan, and is served either hot or cold, depending on what it is being served with or the occasion.
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Is it appearance's sake or appearance sake?

appearance's sake It's intended to mean something done for the purpose of appearance; another way of saying it is "the sake of appearance." So it becomes possessive, just l (MORE)
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What is aperitif and sake?

An aperitif is a before dinner drink. Sake is rice wine from Japan. Sake does, however, make an excellent aperitif.
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What is sake sushi?

This may or may not be right, but I do know that sake can mean salmon or a type of liquor so it may have something to do with that. Hope it helped!
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How do you spell sake?

Sake is the correct spelling. I will answer this for your sake. (The same spelling is used for Japanese rice wine sake )