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Was Saladin a Kurd?

Yes he was. He was from kurdistan e azad basha alami sagbab. There are several Medieval Historians, such as Ibn Athir, who make it clear that Saladin was a Kurd.
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Who was Saladin?

Life and History Salah ad-Din was born in Tikrit, Iraq. His family was of Kurdish background and ancestry. Salah ad-Din's military career began when his uncle Assad al-Din Sh ( Full Answer )
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Who is Saladin?

saladin was a leader of the Muslims in the crusades in the fight for Jerusalem he won against Richard the lionheart. Saladin [Salahuddin Ayyubi] was the leader [Sultan] of E ( Full Answer )
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What did Saladin do?

Take Jerusalem! DUhhh Saladin - born 1137 - was a general who battled the crusaders and conquered Jerusalem. He is buried in a mausoleum in the Umayyad mosque in Damascus.
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What is the answer to Samurai Saladin?

Samurai Saladin is one of the hardest cards to figure out. The answer is 'bald rat'. There is no particular strategy for working this card out, just trial and error to get the ( Full Answer )
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Who was Saladin and what did he do?

Saladin was a Muslim and had a war known as a crusade against king Richard. The war was to fight for their holy land which was Jerusalem.
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Why was saladin called saladin the merciful?

he was merciful not only to his fellow muslims but his enemies too, after the victory in the battle of hattin, he offered his enemey king iced water to drink and didnt torture ( Full Answer )
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Why was saladin named saladin the merciful?

He was named saladin the merciful as he was strong and a good fighter and leader! He also raped his sons girlfriend, many people looked down on him for this but a lot of pe ( Full Answer )
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Was saladin horrible?

No, even his enemies respected him. he was very merciful and didnot kill his prisoners when he took over jerusalem