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Is salami healthy?

Like almost every other food, salami is fine in moderation. As long as you do not over due it with the salami, you will be fine. Remember, salami is made from pork and differe (MORE)

How do you eat salami?

you get salami from the fridge, and then you put it in your mouth. chew, then swallow. don't do anything else, OK?
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Why is salami bad for you?

High in fat and sodium... i mean you can see the blobs of fat in it aha
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What is salami attacks?

Salami attack In the salami technique, cyber criminals steal money or resources a bit at a time. The key here is to make the alteration so insignificant that in a single case (MORE)

Origin of salami?

I heard somewhere that Salami was first made in the island of Cyprus in an area called Salamis.
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Why is salami called salami?

It's an Italian term which describes a dried, salt cured sausage which can be made from beef or pork. The sal part of the word derives from the Latin for salt "salum".
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Were did you hide the salami?

I'm very sorry to say but the salami was eaten by an elephant called Steve. He hid it in the jugglyphunt and didn't share any with me. I know.... This is a sad day for us all. (MORE)