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Does salami keep bees away and why?

Salami is known to keep bees away if put into a bottle mixed with  soapy water. The mix of salami and soapy water contains ingredients  that are not favorable to bees.

Is salami healthy?

Like almost every other food, salami is fine in moderation. As long as you do not over due it with the salami, you will be fine. Remember, salami is made from pork and differe (MORE)

What is difference between Hard salami and Genoa salami?

Hard salami is German in origin and Genoa Salami is Italian. Genoa has more fat than Hard, but is more tasteful and softer to chew. Hard salami has smoke flavor added and Geno (MORE)

What is salami attacks?

Salami attack In the salami technique, cyber criminals steal money or resources a bit at a time. The key here is to make the alteration so insignificant that in a single case (MORE)

Is salami pork?

For the most part, Yes. It is cured sausage (pork) which is then fermented and air-dried, originating from one of a variety of animals, but mainly pig. It can be made or purch (MORE)

What is the color of salami?

  Red with white and dark spots   It is mostly a dark red, with spots of white (due to fat) and other dark spots (due to spices).
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