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Why was the battle of salerno important?

Battle of Salerno was allied invasion of Italy in WWII. It wascarried out in 1943 after successful invasion of Sicily. Italy wasGermany's main ally in Europe and its invasion ( Full Answer )
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Is Nadja Salerno-Sonnenberg gay?

Yes indeed but perhaps not totally "out" to the public. What do you mean by "not totally"? WHAT has she let the public know? In the latest (August/September 2011) YouTub ( Full Answer )
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Who is pat salerno?

Pat Salerno is the former city manager of the city of Sunrise Florida. He was critical is helping the Florida Panthers become a reality and getting the Bank Atlantic Center ( Full Answer )
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How many soldiers at fob Salerno?

Due to OPSEC requirements, that information is not published, nor will any attempt be made to find that information by Wikianswers staff.
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Where can you buy Salerno Jingle cookies?

Salerno renamed them "Santa's favorites". You can find them in anyBuffalo area supermarket. Or you can buy them by the case on eBay.They are just as tasty as the original, sam ( Full Answer )
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Is Nadja Salerno Sonnenberg gay?

Yes. She was involved with a member of the ncco orchestra but the relationship has to th best of my knowledge, ended. I don't feel comfortable saying any more than that. She s ( Full Answer )
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How do you get Salerno out on Lunar colony island?

Once you have recovered the Locator Device, you will find her in the upper room at the BioDome. But she escapes. Pick up her keycard and follow her to the Rock Lab. Get the ge ( Full Answer )
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What has the author Roger A Salerno written?

Roger A. Salerno has written: 'Landscapes of Abandonment' 'Louis Wirth' -- subject(s): Bibliography, Biography, Sociologists
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What has the author Franco Salerno written?

Franco Salerno has written: 'Il pacato incubo dei mostri' -- subject(s): Italian literature, History and criticism, Subconsciousness in literature, Supernatural in literatur ( Full Answer )