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Why sale incentive is necessary for sale?

The correct and sales incentive is one that clearly addresses the needs and answers one question that all buyers have "What's in it for me?". We buy for ourselves and only to (MORE)

Net sales is sales less what?

Net Sales is the the Total Sales less the Cost of Goods Sold. ===== Net sales refers to revenues earned by businesses after selling a product/service. Sales less discounts, re (MORE)

What is sales and sale price?

Sales is an activity in economics, commerce and business. Sale is exchanging goods and services for the monetary value. In olden days sales was performed by barter system The (MORE)
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Why do you have contracts of sale?

To legally exchange of goods, services or property between seller (or vendor) and buyer (or purchaser) for an agreed upon value in money (or money equivalent) paid or the prom (MORE)

What is pre-sales and post-sales?

Pre-sales person is a person who has in depth knowledge of specific tool/product. He helps sales person to sale the tool/product and helps the customer to understand how the s (MORE)

What is primary sales and secondary sales?

Primary sales means when the organization sells or makes flow of  product or service to the channel partners. Ex in FMCG: F&C  agents, distributors, dealers. Ex in financial (MORE)

What is the sales?

Professional sales is "The holistic business system required to effectively develop, manage, enable, and execute a mutually beneficial, interpersonal exchange of goods and/or (MORE)