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What do tool Salesman do?

A tool salesman sells tools. This is often done by driving around  from company to company and selling tools. Tool salesmen spend a  lot of time selling to garages and mecha (MORE)

Duties of Salesman?

Duties of Administrative AssistantsAdministrative Assistants perform many basic functions in offices, including:Assisting with all aspects of administrative management, direct (MORE)

Discribe what does a salesman do?

  A saleman is an individual that is employed in a certain area of an organisation to ensure that they assist clients to buy products. His/er duty is to inform on the prod (MORE)

What does the salesman sell in Death of a Salesman?

It never actually says in the entire play what Willy Loman sells. Only that he is not very good at selling. Some may conclude from Willy's high-flying remarks about Bill Olive (MORE)

What is a Anagram for salesman?

  There are no single word ones, but here are some multiple word anagrams: Salesman Lamas Ens Anal Mess Nasal Ems Nasals Me Nasals Em Salsa Men Lame Sans (MORE)