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Duties of Salesman?

Duties of Administrative AssistantsAdministrative Assistants perform many basic functions in offices, including:Assisting with all aspects of administrative management, direct (MORE)

Who makes more money Toyota salesman or Acura salesman?

While it varies a lot, typically luxury car salesman make more than other manufacturers. Toyota and Honda salesman make about the same on average and Lexus and Acura salesman (MORE)

Role of salesman?

Salesmen are very rarely unbiased. They usually have some sort of thought that they wish to share with you on why one computer is better than another, when it might not necess (MORE)

Discribe what does a salesman do?

  A saleman is an individual that is employed in a certain area of an organisation to ensure that they assist clients to buy products. His/er duty is to inform on the prod (MORE)

What do tool Salesman do?

A tool salesman sells tools. This is often done by driving around  from company to company and selling tools. Tool salesmen spend a  lot of time selling to garages and mecha (MORE)

What is death of a salesman is about?

Its is about Willy Loman(a salesman of about sixty) who worked and traveled all his life and has an unsuccessful son named Biff. Biff unlike Happy, the Loman's other son , mov (MORE)