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How could Ginger Rogers dance salsa at 92 with her grandson if she had no children?

A popular email forward has been making the rounds recently. It includes a video allegedly of American actress Ginger Rogers (who died in 1995) dancing with her grandson. Sn (MORE)

Where in the world does salsa dancing come from?

salsa was formed using Cuban inspiration. formed from dances like guarracha and son and molded into perfection mostly by puertorican hands. the actual rise of salsa can be tie (MORE)

What are two types of salsa dance?

There are several types of salsa. 1. Cuban salsa can be danced on the beat of 1 or 2 and is very circular movements, grounded steps. 2. L.A. Style danced on the beat of 1 danc (MORE)

Is salsa expensive?

Most salsa is fairly inexpensive. Brands with fancier ingredients  might cost a bit more, but on average, a person could expect to pay  less than $5.00 USD for a jar of sals (MORE)
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What are the origins of salsa?

Salsa is dance based on Cuban music. You also have modern salsa which is based generally on latin music, and it was made in New York.You also have tango and merengue which are (MORE)

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