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What is a salt?

A salt can be: sodium chloride is common table salt. A salt may be  the chemical combination of a metal and a halogen. NaCl is the  example above; Na, sodium, is a metal, an (MORE)

How did the Great Salt Lake get its salt?

The Great Salt Lake has salt because its tributary rivers  constantly keep feeding the lake with small amounts of salt. The  lake does not have any outlets and water evapora (MORE)

Does boiling salt water get out the salt?

Yes, but you eliminate the water, and leave the salt in the pot/pan. So if you want to keep the water, with no salt, then you catch the steam that comes off of the boiling pot (MORE)

How do you separate salt and rock salt?

Table salt is refined rock salt; shortly the process is:   - grinding of rock salt   - dissolving in water   - filtering   - purification by repeated processes (MORE)

Where do you get salt from?

ocean  There are two kinds of salt. One is sea salt and it is produced all over the world. Beds of sea water are allowed to evaporate until there is a caked surface of salt (MORE)

Where does Morton Salt mine its salt?

Hutchinson, Kansas- among other places I'm sure. The use a method at the Kansas plant where they pump warm water down into the salt level several hundred feet underground. I (MORE)

What is salt?

What is salt? Salt is a chemical compound made up of sodium (Na) and chloride (Cl), or NaCl.
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Where does salt in salt water come from?

  Salt in the ocean comes from the combination of minerals that exist in the Earth's crust. Sodium was present in the sea floors when oceans were formed, and combined with (MORE)

What salt is in bath salt and toothpast?

Bath salts are mostly magnesium sulfate and sodium chloride.  Toothpaste is generally sodium fluoride or sodium monofluorophosphate
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