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How is a dome built?

A dome was created by several arches crossing in different directions in a circular space that intersected in the middle.

Why are domes strong?

Domes are strong because tensile stresses are eliminated and all the forces are resolved into compressive stresses. All the compressive forces acting on a dome hold it toge (MORE)
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What is a dome fold?

A dome "fold" is a deformational feature consisting of symmetrically-dipping anticlines (wiki); that plunges in all directions instead of in typically two directions. Imagine (MORE)
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What is the Dome of the Rock?

The Dome of the Rock is located in Jerusalem at the foot of the  Mount of Olives. It is basically a shrine with a Gold Dome Roof. It  is said that Mohammad flew to Heaven on (MORE)
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Why do mosques have domes?

Answer 1 It is just a traditional mosque architect art. It is not an Islamic religion requirement. Answer 2 The dome shape was copied from pre-Muslim Byzantine architecture (MORE)
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Where is the Dome of the Rock?

It's located in Jerusalem. Dome of the rock is in the middl jerusalem. they have many Jewish and Muslim sites there, making Terrorist attacks on israel very likely.
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What is a plutonic dome?

A plutonic dome is found in areas of flat-lying sedimentary rocks  that sloped up to create a roughly circular shape. Its core is made  up of plutonic or igneous rocks that (MORE)

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