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What does mis amigos mean?

This means 'my friends.' Mi (pronounced mee) is 'my' in Spanish.  When you are talking about multiple objects/people (friends instead  of friend) you must say 'Mis' instead (MORE)

What does saludos a todos mean?

"Saludos a todos" means "greetings to all". It is pronounced "sah-LOO-dose ah TOE-dose". Please see the Related link below for confirmation of the translation.
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What is answer of adios amigos?

Adios amigos means "Bye, friends." It's a sentence like "See you  later, alligator," and it doesn't need an answer.    However, you can reply:    Adios amigo/ami (MORE)

What is vomitos amigos?

vomitos means to vomit but what Dora says is vamanos meaning lets go and amigos is friends. Lets go friends! is what she says
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How do you answer cuantos amigos tienes tu?

The question asks, "How many friends do you have? The answer, of course, is up to you. You may pick a number and respond, "Tengo __________ amigos," which means, "I have _____ (MORE)

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