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Who is Sam Vaknin?

Someone whose articles on narcissism one should usually skip over and read ones from real doctors instead. He is not Dr. of psychology (but he is Dr. of philosophy and phys (MORE)

Who was Sam Houston?

Sam Houston (1793-1863) was an American politician and military  leader who led the Texas Revolution in 1835. He defeated Santa Anna  at the Battle of San Jacinto, which mad (MORE)

Who is sam patch?

Sam patch was a mill hand from Pawtucket, he is most notably known for the several attempts he made from jumping off of high places. the places he attempt these feats were Pat (MORE)

Who is Sam Cooke?

  Sam Cooke was an American gospel, R&B, soul, and pop singer-songwriter, born in Clarksdale, Mississippi in 1931. Hits include "You Send Me", "Wonderful World", "Chain Ga (MORE)

Who is Sam Saddler?

Sam Sadler started posting videos on YouTube in 2008 and has been a  sensation since. He provides advice for men and has risen to star  on the Comedy Central show, Sean Wals (MORE)

What does Sam do on iCarly?

She is the co-host of icarly. She also is a rebellious bully in high school that picks on '' Nubs". She is the twin of Melany Puckett. Her mom is Pam Puckett. Her dad isn't me (MORE)
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Who is Sam Adams?

American patriot Samuel Adams (1722-1803) failed as a brewer and  newspaper publisher before becoming one of the Independence  movement's most celebrated leaders and statesm (MORE)