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Where did Sam Walton open the first Walmart store?

Opening of First Wal-Mart   The first Wal-Mart opened in Rogers, Arkansas in 1962.  Most people think discount retailing began in 1962 - the year  that Kmart, Target, and (MORE)

Why did sam Walton open Sam's Club?

He did it because he was an entrepreneur who saw a new business to  operate. He wanted to do something that could give back to the  community and help a younger generation o (MORE)

What type of cancer did sam Walton die from?

Sam Walton actually died struggling with two types of cancer, hairy-cell leukemia, which attacks white blood cells and weakens the immune system, and a bone-marrow cancer call (MORE)

Was Sam Walton Jewish?

According to the Wikipedia article on Sam Walton, he was a member of the Presbytarian Church (USA) and contributed substantially to that organiztion. He is unlikely to have ha (MORE)

Was Sam Walton Mormon?

    No, but he did support many Christian groups and funds in the community
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How much is Sam Walton worth?

Regrettably, Sam Walton passed away on April 5, 1992, so has no personal wealth any more. To give an idea of what he had, please note that Bill Gates wasn't the number one man (MORE)
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Who were sisters on the waltons?

Oldest to youngest: Mary-Ellen, Erin, Elisabeth. The boys are John (John Boy), Benjamin (Ben), Jason, James Robert (Jim Bob). Parents are Esther and Zebulon Walton (John's par (MORE)