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Was Sam Walton Jewish?

According to the Wikipedia article on Sam Walton, he was a member of the Presbytarian Church (USA) and contributed substantially to that organiztion. He is unlikely to have ha (MORE)

Was Sam Walton Mormon?

    No, but he did support many Christian groups and funds in the community
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How much is Sam Walton worth?

Regrettably, Sam Walton passed away on April 5, 1992, so has no personal wealth any more. To give an idea of what he had, please note that Bill Gates wasn't the number one man (MORE)

Where did Sam Walton die?

  Sam Walton died in a horrific airplane crash. The plane was making its normal trip from his house in Longstown, Mississppi to his vacation home in Paris, France. The pil (MORE)

Where did Sam Walton get funding?

How funny, I just finished reading the biography of Sam Walton the entrepreneur , of the famous stores called "Walmart" the most successful retailer. Walmarts philosophy even (MORE)

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