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What are the products of Samar?

The products of Samar are mostly agricultural--crops like rice, corn, vegetables and fruits, and other agricultural products like livestock, poultry and fishery products.
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What is the meaning of samar?

In Arabic SAMAR means the darkness of the night. It is usually a girls name. no in Arabic SAMAR means the light of the moon at night

Who are the heroes of Samar?

Samoroy for one who led the revolution against the us occupation. have you heard about the balangiga & catubig revolts. It was led by the the brave townfolks themselves.

When was Waller's March across Samar?

On 20 Oactober 1901 a 351 man " Battallion" of Marines was detached from the Asiatic Fleet and attached to the US Army by order of President Theodore Roosevelt to relieve and (MORE)
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What is the history tooth island samar?

tooth island derives from a very giant shark whose tooth was bump at the sea and some molds grew unto it until suddenly it came very large as century past by.