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Where was samaria located?

Samaria was located right outside Galilee and north of Judaea. Itwas surrounded by both the Mediterranean Sea and the Jordan River.
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Where is Samaria located?

Samaria was the name of mountainous region in ancient Palestine.That region today is known as the West Bank.

Who were the citizens of Samaria in the time of Jesus?

After the destruction of Israel in 722 BCE, the Assyrians renamed the territory as Samaria, after its former capital. They exiled many of the Israelites, while others fled sou (MORE)

What was the population of Samaria in Jesus' time?

At the turn of the first century the population of the country of Samaria was roughly around 200,000-600,000. The majority of the population was in the Northern Kingdom until (MORE)

Was Samaria a part of Canaan?

A: After they conquered Israel, the assyrians named this territory Samaria (or Samarina), after the principal city of Samaria. Thus, Samaria was the successor state to Israel (MORE)
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Is there a Samaria in Africa?

No, it is not in Africa. Samaria is an ancient region of the MiddleEast, now part of the West Bank, so it is now Palestinianterritory. It is in the continent of Asia.