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What is the Vigil of Samhain?

The 48 hour period from October 31st through November 2nd was known as the Vigil of Samhain and is a sacred holiday. It is the Celtic new year and also the last harvest of the (MORE)

What is samhain?

Samhain, pronounced "SOW-en" is the Celtic name for Halloween. It is a sacred holiday, the Celtic new year and the last harvest of the year.. (for more information, see the r (MORE)
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What is Samhain in Ireland?

Samhain is the Irish word for November. There are also connections with an ancient festival marking the end of the harvest season, on November 1st. Samhain comes from the anci (MORE)

What is the celebration of samhain?

It's a Gaelic festival that Halloween gets its' origins from. It celebrated a plentiful harvest and those who had passed away in the previous year, and was traditionally held (MORE)

Who is Lord samhain?

Samhain is a seasonal term aka "All Hollows Eve" as well as Halloween. I'm old school irish celt by calling it the old school term "All Hollows Eve Oct. 31st. its the night th (MORE)
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What special day was called samhain?

The 31st of October. It is a Wicca/Celtic Sabbat (holiday) to honor the dead, celebrate the passing of the bad, and have hope for the future.
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What does samhain celebrate?

Samhain honors the dead and celebrates the passing of the bad and the welcoming of the good.
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What is Samhain celebrate for?

Samhain is a Wicca/Celtic Sabbat (holiday) that honors the dead and celebrates the passing of all things bad, and hope for the future.