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What is samsara?

Samsara is associated with reincarnation, when some one dies at the same time someone else is being born.

What is the cycle of samsara in Buddhism?

The Cycle of Samsara is a chain of rebirths, that leads up to nirvana (buddhist heaven) It is a cycle based on your Karma (good works and common decency) and your Dharma (your (MORE)

Is there a symbol for samsara?

The Symbol of Samsara is the 'Circle' as it has no begining and no end. Samsara is the Cirlcle of life, an endless cycle of birth, death and re-birth. Ravindra Kumar

How is karma different from Samsara?

Karma relates to you. Karma is built through either thought, words or physical action or combinations of these at the same time. Anything you do in your life continuously buil (MORE)

What is relationship between karma and samsara?

Karma and Samsara are two very simaler forces in Hinduism. They are related because the things need each other to work. If Samsara is the process of life death and rebirth, an (MORE)

Do hindus believe in samsara?

yes.Hindus believe in Samsara.Its practicly apart of thierreligion.Samsara is the cycle in reincarnation when you die you getreborn!C,mon people im 7 and i know that.LEARN YOU (MORE)

What is the relationship between samsara and braham?

I think you mean brahman. Brahman is the ultimate realization, god, the unchanging lifesource or light that every human aspires to reach and dissolve into. Samsara is the envi (MORE)