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What can you do in san diego?

San Diego is a great city! I live in San Diego and there is everything to do! The beaches are always the first choice, with several to choose from, whether you want to surf or (MORE)

Is San Francisco and San Diego is a megalopolis?

Yes, the cities San Francisco and San Diego are both described by the term 'megalopolises'. explains a megalopolis as   a very large city. or an urban regio (MORE)

San Francisco to San Diego?

Depending traffic it takes about 8 hours to drive from San Francisco to San Diego traveling south on I-5. It takes approximately 8 hours to drive from San Francisco to San Die (MORE)

What are the San Diego Chargers options regarding Philip Rivers?

Well the Chargers just acquired AJ Feely from the Miami Dolphins. This gives the Chargers an experienced third string QB, or the backup if they decide to trade Rivers at the e (MORE)

How far is San Simeon from San Diego?

The driving distance between San Diego, CA and San Simeon, CA is approximately 350 miles. The driving time would be approximately 6 hours 15 minutes if you were to travel non- (MORE)

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