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What period did Domenico Scarlatti belong to?

Interesting question. He was born the same year as J.S. Bach and Handel and all three died within a few years of each other, which scores one point for Baroque. He is primaril (MORE)

Is San Gabriel High School haunted?

yes. I go to that school and it is very haunted, not just by one  ghost, but by many. The elementary school next to it is actually  more haunted than the highschool. Supposb (MORE)

How many schools are in San Francisco?

18 universities and colleges, 34 preschools, 102 k-12 schools, 8 county/court schools, 9 charter schools.
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Pilot school - gta san Andreas?

During missions for Mike Toreno, he will tell CJ to go and purchase the disused airstrip at Verdant Meadows in Bone County (situated between Area 69 and Las Venturas). Once CJ (MORE)

Rosary High School San Diego CA?

A Catholic high achiever school that provides its 700 students with a rigorous and challenging schedule that sees every graduate go forward to colleges. And the list of colleg (MORE)

When does school start in San Antonio?

The 2014-2015 instructional calendar for the San Antonio  Independent School District came out February 10, 2014. It lists  the first day for teachers as August 13, 2014 and (MORE)