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What can you do in san diego?

San Diego is a great city! I live in San Diego and there is everything to do! The beaches are always the first choice, with several to choose from, whether you want to surf or (MORE)

What nationality is the name albanese?

Albanese is an Italian surname. It does come from the Italian for Albanian and reflects that Albanese descend from groups of Albanian immigrants who came to Southern Italy fle (MORE)

What is there to do in San Francisco?

There is china town, Alcatraz , the beach, trolleys, lots of gift shops, at pier 39 there are seals,and you could walk across the golden gate bridge or drive, and alot of othe (MORE)

Was Sergio Galeotti and Giorgio Armani together?

Yes, of course they were. Giancarlo Giammetti was doing an interview in the NY Times reporter Cathy Horyn in 2007 and said that Armani was complaining he has no-one in his li (MORE)

What does a SAN switch do?

  SAN switches are at the heart of most SANs. SAN Switches can connect both servers and storage devices, and thus provide the connection points for the fabric of the SAN (MORE)

Is Anthony albanese Italian?

  Anthony obviously has not only Italian ancestors but also Albanian.   ALBANESE, ALBANESI: Originaly from Albania.   Since the 15th century many people migrated (MORE)

Where is San Salvador?

It is the capital of El Salvador, in Central America. San Salvador is the capital of El Salvador. San Salvador became a  city in 1525 and currently has a population of 567,69 (MORE)

How old is Giorgios Theodoridis?

Greek footballer Giorgios Theodoridis is 36 years old (born July 3,  1980).    *not to be confused with former Greek sprinter Georgios  Theodoridis (born December 12, (MORE)