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Have San Marino ever won a game of football?

Their only ever win was 1-0 v Liechtenstein in 2004, they have drawn 3 and lost 105, their biggest defeat was 13-0 v Germany in 2006
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What was dan marinos nickname?

His nickname was "Big Papa Wallace." I have o idea why but nearly everyone calls him that.
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Is San Marino part of Italy?

No, San Marino is a separate country that is completely surrounded by Italy, but not a part of Italy. However, it does speak Italian.
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Does dan marino have kids?

  Yes, he has six children - three boys and three girls. He and wife Claire adopted two of their daughters from China.
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Elway vs marino?

Marino. No contest. Marino finished with way more TD passes (420 to 300) and passing yards (61,361 to 51,475), a higher completion percentage (59.6 to 56.9), and a much higher (MORE)
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Where is jimmy marinos of the romantics?

Jimmy Marinos is living in Royal Oak Mich. He has a few projects in the works with other musicians. Occasionally he will make a special guest appearance with his former band m (MORE)

Full name of san marino?

San Marino's full name is the Republic of San Marino. San Marino is  a tiny European country that is located within the country of  Italy.