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Can you get a sentence using sanctimony?

The students come to her for help and advice, and all she gives them is sanctimony , which just makes them feel worse, and vague platitudes, which are of no use to anybody. (MORE)

Do you think some people's lives give them the right to be sanctimonious or is a sanctimonious posture always unmerited?

A sanctimonious posture is always, by definition, unmerited. The adjective sanctimonious describes a person who behaves in a pious, righteous way, a person who believes, (MORE)

What actors and actresses appeared in Sanctimony - 2000?

The cast of Sanctimony - 2000 includes: Marnie Alton as Tina Benz Antoine as Bouncer Greg Barr as Camera Man Ken Camroux as Forensics Kyle Cassie as Young Cop Nathaniel DeVeau (MORE)