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When can you wear sandals?

There are a whole range of situations in which you can wear sandals. You have the general everyday kind, made from leather or synthetic material, you have more dressy ones for (MORE)
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Are sandals shoes?

Sandals and shoes are different items of footwear.   Technically, sandals are not shoes, but boots also are not, so that  doesn't make it any less valid form of footwear, (MORE)
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Where is Sandals Resort?

Sandals Resorts are located in Antigua (1 resort), St Lucia (3 resorts), Jamaica (7 resorts), Nassau Bahamas (1 resort), and Exumas Bahamas (1 resort).
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Why are Rainbow sandals so expensive?

They are expensive mainly for how they "work" you could say. They are specially designed to mold perfectly to your foot once you've broken them in. They also have several diff (MORE)
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What are sandal shoes?

    A sandal is a shoe that ALWAYS has these traits:     ·     Open at   the tip exposing at least 3 toes     ·     A strap   or more  (MORE)

How do you waterproof sandals?

The best method is with duct tape, but plastic bags work in a pinch too. If you're waterproofing sandals, I'm assuming they're made of leather or some material that you don't (MORE)

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What is Sandals Resorts?

Sandals is a collection of 12 resorts in the Caribbean. In 2012, they were given the Travel Weekly Reader's Choice Award for their quality and service. Sandals Resorts can be (MORE)