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Will Charmed ever have a spinoff?

No because the writers of charmed discovered they can't make a tv show about two brothers defeating all the bad creatures because there is already one "Supernatural"
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What are the tv spinoffs from all in the family?

Maude and the Jeffersons. Also: "Archie Bunker's Place" More of a continuation of the old show, but still technically a spin-off. "Gloria" Gloria divorces Mike and starts a ne (MORE)

What does sandman mean?

  Sandman is the name given to a fictious entity who has the power to put one to sleep. "Mr. Sandman, give me your dreams." He places sand in your eyes and you fall to sle (MORE)

How do you get the sandman in tf2?

The Sandman is an achievement unlock (Milestone 2) but you can also get the Sandman from random drops, you can uncrate it (Strange Sandman Crate #23) it can be gifted to you, (MORE)

How did sandman get his powers?

he was a prisoner who had escaped, so to get away from the police, he jumped over the fence to a bomb testing site, a bomb was set off while he was in the testing site, and th (MORE)

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