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What is Sandy Koufax address?

Sandy Koufax is a former professional baseball player. His official  fan mail address is; Sandy Koufax, Sports Placement Service, Inc.,  330 West 11th Street, Suite 105, Los (MORE)

Who were the top 10 national league batters vs Sandy Koufax?

For batters that had at least 20 at bats against Koufax: 1) Bill Virdon - 21 for 52 for a .404 batting average with 0 HRs, 3 RBIs, and 8 strikeouts. 2) Gene Oliver - 20 fo (MORE)

Is Sandy Koufax still alive?

Answer   April 26, 2009. Yes Koufax is still alive. He was a fellow guest at a wedding I was at last night in Boston. He had a good looking date and he was dancing and se (MORE)

Where does sandy koufax live?

Sandy Koufax currently lives in Vero Beach, Florida. Koufax, a  retired left-handed pitcher for the Brooklyn Dodgers and Los  Angeles Dodgers, was inducted into the Baseball (MORE)