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Is ear piercing at Claire's sanitary?

Yes. My little sister got her ears done there for her 7th birthday, and she hasn't had any problems. She's turning 8 this month. They sanitize they thing that pireces your ear (MORE)
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How do you use looped sanitary towels?

Looped sanitary towels come with a thin belt. All you have to do it loop the sanitary towel around the front and back of the belt. This allows the girls that do not like to we (MORE)

What is sanitary permit?

A sanitary permit is a permit issued by the local health authority for an establishment to operate, be it food or non - food establishment. any business should have their sani (MORE)
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What is the advantage and disadvantage of sanitary landfills?

The advantages of sanitary landfills include low operating costs  and the ability to dispose of large amounts of waste. Disadvantages  include possible water contamination a (MORE)

How do you weld sanitary stainless steel?

  Answer   The three ways you would weld stainless steel are; 1. laser 2. friction 3. TIG   Only TIG should be considered for nonproduction welding.
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Are paper towels sanitary?

  Yes they are. As long as you use a clean paper towel each time it will always be sanitary.
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What is a sanitary landfill site?

Sanitary landfills are sites where waste is isolated from the environment until it is safe. It is considered when it has completely degraded biologically, chemically and physi (MORE)

Is it mandatory to have sanitary permit?

Depends on what for. If you run any business that could make its  customers run a health risk (like a restaurant or a company that  produces food or ingredients) you may be (MORE)