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What was the sanitary?

If you are from Scotland then 'the sanitary' were a division of the council who came to your house if it was unclean pre 1980's.
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What is sanitary?

băng vệ sinh là dụng cụ rất cần thiết cho phụ nữ thời kỳ kinh nguyệt . cách sử dụng băng vệ s ( Full Answer )
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What is sanitary ware?

sanitaryware, the product is formed by casting (either in plaster, or resin moulds under pressure). Kaolin contributes the rheological properties that enables the casting slip ( Full Answer )
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How is a toilet sanitary?

A toilet maintains its sanitary condition by means of a water seal- -the clean water at the bottom of the bowl keeps odors away and bacteria at an acceptable level. The water ( Full Answer )
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Are tampons sanitary?

Yes, tampons are 'sanitary' however they are not sterile so can contain bacteria, and given their effect on vaginal health (encourage bacterial growth, alter vaginal pH, and p ( Full Answer )
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Is McDonald's sanitary?

McDonald's has the BEST and most stringent food safety regulations in the world. The hundreds and thousands of quality assurance programs put in place are second-to-none for a ( Full Answer )
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What is sanitary permit?

A sanitary permit is a permit issued by the local health authority for an establishment to operate, be it food or non - food establishment. any business should have their sani ( Full Answer )
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What was the sanitary can?

It was a cylindrical can that had an open top, enabling canners to deposit larger food pieces
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What is sanitary engineering?

sanitary engineering is made for the purpose of helping the medical practitioners in preventing communicable deseases like malaria, dengue propagation of rats rodents and othe ( Full Answer )
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What are sanitary sewers?

A sanitary sewer is an underground carriage system specifically fortransporting sewage from houses and commercial buildings throughpipes to treatment or disposal