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Who gave Santa the name Santa?

The legend and name of Santa Claus can be traced back hundreds ofyears to a monk named Saint Nicholas. It is believed that Nicholaswas born around 280 A.D. in Patara, near Myr (MORE)

What nationality is the name Albanese?

Albanese is an Italian surname. It comes from the Italianword for Albanian and reflects that those with the last nameAlbanese descend from groups of Albanian immigrants who c (MORE)

Are your parents Santa?

in my opinion no they are not,can your parents afford those awsome gifts you get for Christmas.if you don't believe me look up another one of these.P.S.don't listen to what y (MORE)

Why was he called Santa?

He is called Santa bcause they called him Saint Nicholas Claus. Sooner or later they started calling him Santa Claus. I hope that answers your alls question. Santa is a real p (MORE)

Is Anthony albanese Italian?

  Anthony obviously has not only Italian ancestors but also Albanian.   ALBANESE, ALBANESI: Originaly from Albania.   Since the 15th century many people migrated (MORE)

Does Santa have allergies?

Of course Santa has allergies, there are so many obvious signs! First of all, he lives in the North Pole, where allergies are never a problem. After all, he would want to snee (MORE)

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