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What happened to central and southern pacific railroad employes' mutual benefit association?

They are no longer in existence, however, if you have a life insurance certificate issued by them, you can contact the Metropolitan Life Insurance company at 1-800-310-7770 an (MORE)

Did the Indians at Santa Clara revolt?

Yes they did. That is because some Indians didn't like what the people did at the mission. Some wanted to keep back the religious beliefs. Some Indians were born at the missio (MORE)

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What is county of santa Clara court code 43100?

it is the court code 43 is the county code (santa clara) and 100 is the court house in this case downtown next to the main jail on Hedding
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Why were the Chinese hired to build the pacific railroad?

The chinese came in the 1870s and 1880s to help build the pacific railroad from the midwest across the sierra nevada mountains. They were made labors of the american pioneers (MORE)

What is the national ranking for Santa Clara University?

Santa Clara University is ranked among Master's level universities, so its not included in the national rankings. Its ranked #2 among Master's universities on the West Coast. (MORE)