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Why did some Southern Pacific railroad employees live in homes by the rail tracks in Ca?

It usually had to do with the convenience to the Southern Pacific. For example bridge tenders were there to put out fires on the bridge. By living next to the bridge the bridg (MORE)

What happened to central and southern pacific railroad employes' mutual benefit association?

They are no longer in existence, however, if you have a life insurance certificate issued by them, you can contact the Metropolitan Life Insurance company at 1-800-310-7770 an (MORE)

What is santa Clara county superior court dept 64?

[1] It's a mental health court, for defendants who are either drug-addicted or mentally ill. It was set up by its Presiding Judge, Stephen Manley. [2] Department 64 decisions (MORE)

Did the Indians at Santa Clara revolt?

Yes they did. That is because some Indians didn't like what the people did at the mission. Some wanted to keep back the religious beliefs. Some Indians were born at the missio (MORE)

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