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Is Santa Claus or Santa Clause correct?

Santa Claus is the name popularly given to the man who  children believe delivers toys on Christmas Eve.    The Santa Clause is the name of a series of movies  starri (MORE)

Who popularized the Santa Claus Myth?

There was a real man a long long time ago in th Netherlands called "Sinter Klass". He actually lived and used to give to the poor. This is where the tradition of "Santa Claus" (MORE)

Do they have a Santa Claus?

I am 10 years old, and today I just found out that all the magical  creatures our parents tell us are real and we believe, are not.  Yesterday I had doubts about the tooth f (MORE)

Why does Santa Claus have nine reindeer?

Let us examine the CLAUSISM MYTHOLOGY. First off, in the originall poem- the Night Before Christmas- by Clement Moore- only eight reindeer are mentioned. it is strongly implie (MORE)

What is Santa Claus called in Colombia?

In colombia, Santa Claus is called "Papa Noel". He is also called "Papa Noel" in most other spanish speaking countries aswell as they all speak spanish.
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Who is Santa Claus?

Santa Claus -- Harmless toymaker or Pagan fertility god? You decide! According to Who2 Biography, Santa Claus is "the mythical figure who delivers toys to children around the (MORE)
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Have you seen Santa Claus?

Catholic Answer Santa Claus is what we call, in the modern world, Saint Nicholas. Saint Nicholas was a bishop in the fourth century, and, so, of course, was seen by everyone b (MORE)