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How far is Los Angeles to Santa Rosa California?

  428 mi (689km) - about 6 hours 32 mins   Los Angeles, CA, USA to Santa Rosa, CA, USA 1. Head northeast on N Main St toward E 1st St 0.2 mi 2. Turn left at W Templ (MORE)

What words can you make out of the word Santa Rosa?

sonatas, snorts, sonata, saran, snort, soars, sonar, soras, sorts, stars, sans, snot, soar, sons, sora, sort, sots, star, stoa aortas, arsons, asanas, assort, anoas, aorta, ar (MORE)

How long to drive from Napa to Santa Rosa?

The approximate driving time and mileage information -    Between: Napa, CA  and: Santa Rosa, CA  Driving miles: 40  Driving time: 1 hr    - is based on traveli (MORE)

How far is vallejo from Santa Rosa?

Depending on the route, between 42 and 49 miles. It's about an hour taking this route: Take U.S. 101 SOUTH from Santa Rosa to SR-37 EAST to VALLEJO at EXIT 460.Take SR-37 EAS (MORE)

Where can you get a pet rat in sebastopol or Santa Rosa?

If you are looking for pet rats in Sebastopol, locate the  "organic" gardener (hippie) who lets her yard grow wild, overfeeds  her cats so that they become fat pacifists, an (MORE)