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Is stefano dimera really dead?

No, he is not. The reason why is because the soap has not whiped him of the series yet:) There will be more stefano to come..

Who killed Stefano Dimera on Days of Our Lives?

No one killed Stefano Dimera. He is alive and well. Everyone thought he had been shot and killed, but it turns out that Ian McAlister had kidnapped Stefano and faked his death (MORE)

Talambuhay ni ildefonso Santos?

Si Ildefonso P. Santos[1] ay isang makata na isinilang sa bayan  ng Malabon, sa nayon ng Baritan  noong ika-23 ng Enero, 1897. Kaisa-isang anak siya nina Andres Santos at  (MORE)

How was Anthony romeo Santos childhood?

His childhood was fine but when some people knew that money was coming to anthony romeo santos aka king of bachata some people decided to break in his house when anthony was a (MORE)

Alfredo C Santos?

Dr. Alfredo C. Santos was born on August 15, 1900 in Sto. Tomas, Pmapanga, Philippines and he was died April 11, 1990. he studied at UP(University of the Philippines( Batch (MORE)
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How tall is romeo Santos?

At least 6' 1".     They have him listed as that but he seemed a lil taller than that in person.

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