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Who is Sarah Mally?

  Sarah Mally is a 30-year old Evangelical Christian woman. She has a sister, Grace, and brother, Stephen. She has written the book Before You Meet Prince Charming, a guid (MORE)

Who was Sarah?

Sarah It is said in the bible that there was a woman named Sarai, she wasmarried to a man named Abram. Later God changed their names toSarah and Abraham. This comes (MORE)

How old was Amelia Bernhardt when she went missing?

  Amelia Earhart was 39 years of age and some months as of 7.02.37. Sarah Bernhardt was a famous French actress who died in l923. it is odd you have them confused- owing t (MORE)

Do you say meet with Sarah and me or Sarah and I?

Sarah and I Sarah and I is incorrect. You would not say "Meet with I" so you would not say "Meet with Sarah and I." It is grammatically correct to say "Meet with me." ... Soo (MORE)

What is Sarah Palin?

Don't you mean, "who is Sarah Palin?" She's the former governor of  Alaska who was chosen to be John McCain's vice-presidential running  mate in the 2008 Presidential campai (MORE)

Why was Sarah bernhardt important in the Industrial Revolution?

  Sarah Bernhardt was easily, the most famous French Actress of all time. on the Industrial front, it can be argued she favored technical innovations in theatres, includin (MORE)

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