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What was the Sarajevo Incident?

IN JUNE 1914 ,the archdke franz ferdinand ,the heirv-apparantbto the throne of austria went on an official visit to sarajevo,the capital of bosnia . There ,on june 28,1914 ,he (MORE)

Who was assassinated in Sarajevo?

Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife, on June 28, 1914. Ferdinand was the heir to the throne of Austria, and his death led to the start of World War I.
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What is the Sarajevo effect?

  "the fear of becoming entangled in ethnic and nationalist disputes". Sarajevo was besieged and effectively destroyed in the early 1990s because of ethnic cleansing actio (MORE)

What happened in sarajevo?

There was a siege. Pretty much the Croats and osniacs wanted independents but the serbs did not so the sebs isolated the croats and bosniacs and cut off al resources. It was p (MORE)
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What is the size of Sarajevo?

From the eastern corner (Vratnik) toward the western corner  (Ilidža) - 13 kilometers.    North-south app 3 kilometers.