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Where is Sarajevo?

Sarajevo is in Europe. It is the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina (part of the former Yugoslavia ) Sarajevo is the capital of Bosnia & Herzegovina, it is near the border (MORE)

What is sarajevo?

Sarajevo is in Europe, it is the capital of Bosnia & Herzegovina near the border with Serbia.

Why was there a war in sarajevo?

because..................................................... This is where the Archduke Franz Ferdinand was assassinated. Franz Ferdinand was assisinated in sarajevo , (MORE)

What was the assassination in Sarajevo?

As the key event that prompted the outbreak of World War I, the'assassination in Sarajevo' took place on June 28, 1914, and wasfollowed days and weeks later by various declara (MORE)

Where is New Sarajevo?

New Sarajevo is just name for one of the Sarajevo's municipalities. Sarajevo is capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina .

Is sarajevo serbian?

Sarajevo used to be Serbian, but after ethnic cleansing (during the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina) it is not.

Is sarajevo in Germany?

No. Sarajevo is the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina. At the time of the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand, Bosnia and its capital of Sarajevo were a part of the Aust (MORE)

What is the assassination at Sarajevo?

It was the assassination of the Habsburg heir, the Archduke Franz Ferdinand, by Bosnian Serbs, as a protest against Austrian rule. The success of this plot was quite accident (MORE)
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What was the siege of Sarajevo?

The SIege of Sarajevo was the time of crisis between the serbs and the Muslims. Both wanted to take over the city because they thought their believe was superior than theirs. (MORE)