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What is the Sardine Run?

The sardine run is a unique and unexplained natural phenomenon of mass migration. The shoals of Sardinops sagax, visible on satellite photographs of earth, can stretch for up (MORE)

What is a sardine?

1. the pilchard, Sardina pilchardus, often preserved in oil and used for food. 2. any of various similar, closely related fishes of the herring family Clupeidae.
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How are sardines canned?

they are canned by a factory person putting them in a tin and then putting them through a machine so that the lid can be put on.

What rhymes with sardine?

Sardine "how have you been?" bean been benzene between buckbean caffeine canteen carbine careen chlorine Christine clean codeine convene cuisine cystine dauphin d (MORE)

Where did sardines come from?

Sardines are seawater fish so they come from the sea. They are caught in huge amounts off the coast of the island of Sardinia, hence the name.
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What is sardine fishing?

Sardine fishing is a kind of fishing for a specific type of fish. To catch other fish sometimes requires different kinds of fishing techniques.
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Are sardines kosher?

Yes. The sardine is a permitted species of fish. Just like all other kosher products, it may be purchased when the package displays an icon indicating that it has been prepa (MORE)