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What do sardines eat?

Having very small teeth or no teeth at all, sardines eat plankton , which they filter from the water through their gills.
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What are sardines?

A sardine is a very small, oily fish that is a member of theherring family. They are commonly eaten by humans.
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What is the Sardine Run?

The sardine run is a unique and unexplained natural phenomenon of mass migration. The shoals of Sardinops sagax, visible on satellite photographs of earth, can stretch for up ( Full Answer )
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What is a sardine?

1. the pilchard, Sardina pilchardus, often preserved in oil and used for food. 2. any of various similar, closely related fishes of the herring family Clupeidae.
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How are sardines canned?

they are canned by a factory person putting them in a tin and then putting them through a machine so that the lid can be put on.
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How do you catch sardines?

You use this jig from a local tackle shop by the bay there will be multiple hooks on it and you attach a lot of weight on the bottom of it than you move your pole up and Until ( Full Answer )
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Are sardines kosher?

Yes. The sardine is a permitted species of fish. Just like all other kosher products, it may be purchased when the package displays an icon indicating that it has been prepa ( Full Answer )
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How do you get sardines in RuneScape?

Go to the lake below draynor with bait. If you use a fishing rod u catch sardines and if u r over level 6 u catch herring 2.
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Does sardines have carbs in it?

The ones packed in water or oil have almost no carbs. If you are on a carb diet you should avoid the ones in tomato though.
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How does the sardine reproduces?

The reproduce by external fertilization. The female lays a clutch of eggs, which the male quickly covers with a cloud of sperm. The young hatch to join the rest of the plankto ( Full Answer )