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Are there sardines near sardinia?

Yes there are sardines near sardinia, they actually took their name from the island, however it is not one of the main species living in Sardinian waters. Get more info about (MORE)

Who was the prime minister behind the king of sardinia?

Camillo Benso di Cavour was the prime minister behind the King of  Sardinia. He was an Italian statesmen and the founder of the  original Liberal Party.
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What is the latitude and longitude of sardinia?

The longitude and latitude of Sardinia is 15 east and 55 north. ===== But before you depart on your trip, you might want to check your coordinates one more time. "15 east a (MORE)
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Is Corsica and sardinia part of Italy?

Sardinia is part of modern day Italy , Corsica is not.  The Kingdom of Sardinia was one of the driving forces behind  Italian reuinification.  Corsica however is still occu (MORE)

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Where in sardinia Italy was the black stallion filmed?

The first location was the town of Marina di Arbus on the rugged western coast of the island. Access to one area involved a tortuous trek over high sand dunes, with all the ca (MORE)

What country is Sardinia in?

Sardinia is an island in the Mediterranean Sea, a part of Italy with regional autonomy
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Flight from Tokyo to Sardinia?

  Fly into Mialn, Rome or Paris and continue with Airone, Alitalia or Meridiana
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