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Is Flyleaf satanic?

No, Flyleaf is not satanic. All the members of the band are Christians, and their songs all have Christian meanings. However, Lacey Mosley was an Atheist in her teenage years (MORE)

What is the weakness of Satan?

It is pride. Love he knows not, and herein lies his weakness. Pure thought and intent combined with absolute belief in the manifesting power of God shatters even his utmost at (MORE)

Where is satan buried?

If a person takes the time to read the entire Bible, you would  learn that Satan is a real spirit and a powerful one. You would  never even think that Satan was even buried. (MORE)

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Who is Satan?

Satan names: Satan, Lucifer, Father of Lies, deceiver, devil, the wicked one, abaddon, adversary, angel of light, thief, tempter, star, ruler of this world, Satan according t (MORE)

What is Satan?

In the Bible's original language, the word for "adversary" is Satan (from which we get our "Satan") and that is just what it means. In short, "Satan" means any adversary in th (MORE)

Is disturbed satanic?

No disturbed is not a satanic band. It just so happen their music sound s pretty dark but if you listen to the lyrics closely you can tell that their music isn't satanic and s (MORE)

What was Satan from the beginning?

The term satan was a title in an allegory in the Old Testament,  given by God to make a point. The name Satan was made up by the  early Christian Church to represent those w (MORE)