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Who is Satan?

Satan names: Satan, Lucifer, Father of Lies, deceiver, devil, the wicked one, abaddon, adversary, angel of light, thief, tempter, star, ruler of this world, Satan accordin (MORE)
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What is Satan?

In the Bible's original language, the word for "adversary" is Satan (from which we get our "Satan") and that is just what it means. In short, "Satan" means any adversary in (MORE)
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What is satanism?

Satanism refers to several concepts, some of which are entirely mythical and others which are actual religious traditions in practice today. By referring to Satanism or a (MORE)
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Is witchcraft satanic?

Modern witches would give that a resounding "NO," arguing that Satan is a Judeo-Christian concept in which they simply don't believe. One might argue, however, that IF Sata (MORE)
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Is Enigma Satanic?

Any question like "Is so-and-so a Satanist (or Christian/Socialist/etc)?" depends on your definition of the labeling word. Often "Satanist" is used as a "smear word" to attack (MORE)
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Where is Satanism practiced?

Satanism is practiced in most Western countries, though verifiable numbers are -- not surprisingly -- hard to obtain, because many Satanists suffer from persecution for their (MORE)
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How do you follow Satan not Satanism?

Just say you have a personal relationship with Satan, but are not a Satanist. It's the same thing as a person saying they have a personal relationship with Jesus, but claim n (MORE)
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What did Satan do?

The list of what Satan did is too long to write out. And of course then there are many more things he did, which we wouldn't even know about. Only Almighty God would know the (MORE)
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What can you do to be satanic?

Just do the opposite of what Jesus teaches . well you go to the church of satan, read the satanic bible and follow its teachings! it is no different to believing god really (MORE)
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Who is Satan to you?

Someone who chose and still chooses to be the enemy of God and humanity. God always wins though.