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What is sateen?

Sateen, not to be confused with satin, is a type of fabric often found in bed sheets. Sateen is usually applied to cotton, or sometimes rayon. Better qualities are mercerized (MORE)

Are percale cotton sheets cooler to sleep on than cotton sateen sheets?

yes. Typically, yes. Take the thread count into consideration though. A higher thread count (say 500+) means a tighter weave, and therefore, less air can pass through the fab (MORE)

Is 1000 thread count Egyptian cotton sheets better than 600 thread prima and sateen sheets?

Actually, we have all gotten too obsessed with thread count. If your thread count is too high the fabric won't breathe and will be very uncomfortable winter and summer. That b (MORE)

What is sateen fabric?

Sateen is a cotton fabric with a luster resembling that of satin. It is used for sheets and apparel. Types of sateen: cotton wool fabric sheet Hope this is what (MORE)

How do you iron a sateen shirt?

Sateen shirts are typically no iron, but if it looks a tad wrinkly out of the dryer use low heat on the iron, and give your shirt a good once over.

What is difference between damask cotton sheets and sateen cotton sheets?

Damask sheeting and sateen sheeting are not necessarily mutually exclusive. They speak to different aspects of weaving yarn into sheets, and it is possible to achieve a damask (MORE)
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Where can one purchase sateen sheets at a reasonable price?

Sateen sheets can be purchased at most department and retail stores at reasonable prices. Places such as Sears, Walmart and Target. One can also purchase reasonably priced sat (MORE)
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How is the material sateen produced?

The material sateen is produced by a weaving process using cotton. The weave is referred to a "four over, on under" style with most thread on the top to make it soft.