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What type of satellite is used to provide satellite internet access?

Satellite Internet signals are transmitted by low altitude,  geosynchronous orbiting satellites. In simple terms, this is the  type of satellite that travels the same speed (MORE)

What is the best satellite internet provider?

There are only two satellite Internet providers in the US: HughesNet and Wild Blue. Both companies provide a similar product, but when it comes to pricing, HughesNet is faster (MORE)

Is satellite internet secure?

Satellite Internet is generally just as secure as cable or DSL  Internet service. Having good virus protection is essential for any  computer.

Is there a list of Satellite Internet providers?

yes, there is a list on satellite internet prodivers. The one personally use is directv is great in my opinion but there are other ones such as dishnetwork, wildblue, earthlin (MORE)

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Is satellite internet broadband?

In general, broadband refers to telecommunication in which a wide   band of frequencies is available to transmit information.  Satellite communications are in general broa (MORE)