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What is Satire?

Satire is any piece of writing that uses devices such as irony, understatement, exaggeration and the like to attempt to correct human vice or folly. It is divided into the fun ( Full Answer )
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What does satirical mean?

Well, a satire is something that makes fun of the stupid things humans do. So satirical refers to a book, essay, or something that does that. a genre using derisive humor t ( Full Answer )
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What is a satire?

A form of writing that criticizes a person, group, or society,using indirect, often disguised, methods . a sitire is an intertament stupidiety cartoon or anything. Satireis ( Full Answer )
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What can your satire be about?

Satire can be about anything. Especially about politics. Satire is humor. If there is humor in anything, there is satire in it.
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What is political satire?

Political satire involves making fun of politicians and politicalevents. For an expert example of political satire, try watchingSaturday Night Live during an election year. So ( Full Answer )
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What is satire in literature?

Satire is a literary device employed by authors who want to changea situation they consider foolish. They employ humor, sarcasm andridicule in their writing.
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What is juvenalian satire?

JUVENALIAN SATIRE provokes a darker kind of laughter. It is often bitter and criticizes corruption or incompetence with scorn and outrage. Like the poems "Against Women".\nAn ( Full Answer )
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What is exaggeration satire?

Exaggeration satire is a type of satire that relies on exaggerationto make a point. Exaggeration adds both to the humor of satire andhelps illustrate the underlying message.
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What is Horace satire?

A Horatian satire (the term comes from Horace, a Greek writer) is a light-hearted, not so serious satire that pokes fun at many things. An example would be Candide by Voltaire ( Full Answer )
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What is a satire-?

Satire is a technique employed by writers to expose and criticizefoolishness and corruption of an individual or a society by usinghumor, irony, or exaggeration.