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Who wrote satire?

Satire is a genre of literature where shortcomings are often  ridiculed. Mark Twain was a satire writer. He wrote "The Adventures  of Huckleberry Finn."

Why use satire?

A satirists method of using irony and comedy to convey the shortcomings and vices of society is one of the best ways to better civilization through literature or media. Whethe (MORE)

How is Candide a satire?

Voltaire uses the character of Dr. Pangloss to mock the philosophy of Gottfried Wilhem von Leibniz who basically believed that because God created everything in the world for (MORE)
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What is juvenalian satire?

JUVENALIAN SATIRE provokes a darker kind of laughter. It is often bitter and criticizes corruption or incompetence with scorn and outrage. Like the poems "Against Women".  (MORE)

What is exaggeration satire?

Exaggeration satire is a type of satire that relies on exaggeration  to make a point. Exaggeration adds both to the humor of satire and  helps illustrate the underlying mess (MORE)

What is political satire?

Political satire involves making fun of politicians and political  events. For an expert example of political satire, try watching  Saturday Night Live during an election ye (MORE)

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