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Does Ohno Satoshi of Arashi have a twitter?

No. Due to being in Johnny's Jimusho, (a Japanese talent agency, if  you didn't already know) he is not allowed to post on social media.  He does occasionally post updates o (MORE)
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Is Satoshi Tajiri wealthy?

he is the creator of pokemon, and Gamefreak. from what i hear his net worth is a couple billion. He is not wealthy he is RICH! More specifically, his net worth is $5.1 bil (MORE)

What happened to the following wrestlers - XPac Road Dogg Earl Hebner Farrooq David Flair Scott Hall Billy Kidman Lex Luger DDP Sid Vicious Crash Holly Brian Christopher Rikish and Tajiri.?

  XPac is back on TNA as Syxx-Pac Road Dogg is in the EWF Earl Hebner is a ref on TNA Farrooq right now his location is unknown David Flair is currently wrestling (MORE)
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Does ohno satoshi have a girlfriend?

There's no definite answer for this question.... He could have one, but nobody really knows. But from what I've gathered on Ohno's hobbies outside of filming, he's probably to (MORE)

What happened to the following wrestlers - xpac road dogg earl hebner farrooq david flair Scott hall billy kidman lex luger ddp sid vicious crash holly brian christopher rikish and tajiri?

X-Pac: Went to TNA, now wrestling indies under 1-2-3 Kid and his real name Road Dogg: Went to TNA, then became a road agent, recently unemployed Earl Hebner: Referee in TN (MORE)

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