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Who has hosted on Saturday Night Live the most?

On February 11, 2017, actor Alec Baldwin extended his record byserving as guest host of "Saturday Night Live" for the 17th time.He set the record when he hosted the September (MORE)

What was the First tv show that had a live audience?

I love Lucy was the first show to be taped in front of a live  audience   I Love Lucy was the first show sitcom to be  taped filmed in front of a live audience.   I (MORE)

What are the lyrics to the tizzle wizzle show on Saturday night live?

the jammy shuffle the jammy shuffle everyone put on your jammies now comfy cozy snuggly warm come on everybody don't have a cow pink ones blue ones ones with strip (MORE)

When is Saturday Night Live on?

Obviously, the original version is seen on Saturday night-- currently, at 11.30 PM East Coast Time. But, there is also a syndicated version, which provides re-runs of the olde (MORE)

How many Fire Marshall Bill sketches were there including the appearance on Saturday Night Live?

The sketch that was shown on SNL was from In Living Color, years  before. That aside, there are eleven sketches. The following is in  no particular order:    Fire Mar (MORE)