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How is sauerkraut made?

Sauerkraut is cabbage that is shredded, layered with salt and it sits until it begins to ferment. Answer: Recipe You can make kraut at home for canning. Start with: ( Full Answer )
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Where did sauerkraut originate?

Sauerkraut is produced and originates from Germany. The clue is in the name "kraut" (common nickname for a German).
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Where does sauerkraut come from?

\n . \nChina, it was created as a cheap way to feed workers while they worked on the Great Wall of China. they found evidence of it from 200 BC in China. . But back then, th ( Full Answer )
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How do you make Sauerkraut?

Refer to the instructions at the National Center for Home Food Processing and Preservation (NCHFP) website. The website has detailed instructions and a recipe for sauerkraut ( ( Full Answer )
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Can you freeze sauerkraut?

Yes but it loses its crisp. Hardly a need as it stays for more than 9 months in a sealed container in the fridge.
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What does sauerkraut mean?

A direct translation is 'sour cabbage'. Saurkraut is made from finely shredded white cabbage which is fermented by adding lactic acid bacteria. It is very popular in European ( Full Answer )
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How do you cook sauerkraut?

how do you cook saurkraut, or how do you make saurkraut? you make it by grating cabbage and whatever you want in it and letting it ferment. you usually boil it when cooking it ( Full Answer )
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Where does sauerkraut originate from?

It would be difficult to identify the origin of sauerkraut. Salted, pickled and otherwise preserved vegetables, including cabbage, have been part of cooking skills for centuri ( Full Answer )
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Who invented sauerkraut?

While i read about Captain Journal, I found He was invented sauerkaut ;). But I'm not sure what day, year did he invented it ;S, hope that help ya =D
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What would you do with sauerkraut?

I put sauerkraut on my vegetarian hot dogs. Traditionally, it goes with sausage or pork chops.