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Who was Saul in The Bible?

In the Bible, we read about two Sauls who live centuries apart.    One was the first king of Israel, who started out good, but later  developed a haughty spirit, and l (MORE)

What did Saul do?

First Saul was one of the worst persecutors in the Bible. He even supervised the first martyrdom with approval. However, after that he had a vision like thing from God and was (MORE)

Who was Saul of Tarus?

His old name was Saul and he prosucuted Jews and christians but when God dealt with him he had scales over his eyes then a man came sent by God touch his eyes and the scales f (MORE)

How was Saul converted?

A: Acts of the Apostles, written decades after Paul's death, provides a miraculous explanation, with three parallel but different stories in which Jesus appeared to Paul on th (MORE)

Who was Saul of Tarsus?

A: Mentioned only in Acts of the Apostles, Saul is the name of the apostle Paul before his conversion and his first missionary journey. Tarsus is also given in Acts as the hom (MORE)

Was Saul a Hebrew?

There were two prominent Sauls in the Bible, and yes, both of them were Hebrew. The term Hebrew was first applied to Abraham(Genesis 14:13), possibly in reference to his bei (MORE)

What was saul nickname?

I dont understand the question but i searched on google 'nickname for Saul' so i'll just answe that and i think Dinosaul is uberrr cool :')

What were the achievements of saul?

He, as the very first Israelite king, set up the apparatus ofroyalty and its institutions. . He put Israel's enemies to shame (1 Samuel 14:47-48). . Under the guidance of (MORE)