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What does savant mean?

Savantism is a condition that occurs primarily in people with developmental disorders, mental retardation, or brain damage. A savant has an extraordinary ability in some area (MORE)
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How do you become a savant?

well, of all the videos and documentarys ive seen, you could say.... you have to lower your IQ in order to become more intelligent or savant you might say.... then have some s (MORE)
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What is Savant Syndrome?

Savant syndrome is a condition where an individual has a mentalcondition like autism. Not only that, but they also have profoundabilities or capabilities in excess of what is (MORE)
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What are savants?

A savant is someone who is very smart in a specific area. A goodexample is a scientist who is very well known for his or her work.
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What are savant sisters?

Flo and Kay Lyman are identical twin autistic savant sisters. They have both autism and savantism. As is typical of savants, they have incredible memories.
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Who is doug savant?

Douglas Peter Savant plays Tom Scavo in Desperate housewives. Doug Savant was first known for his role as Matt Fielding on Melrose Place. In this role, Mr.Savant played an ope (MORE)
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What is an idiot savant?

You must be referring to an autistic savant. Basically, its an autistic person who has savant syndrome.
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What degree did Marilyn vos savant get?

I don't believe that she "earned" a college degree at all, having studied philosophy at the University of Washington in St. Louis for 2 years before dropping out to work for h (MORE)
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What is it like to be a savant?

I will answer this question in my savant mode so you can see how difficult it is: I became a savant because I was hurt so deeply (emotionally) that I was unable to sleep. I th (MORE)
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Who can you see for the savant syndrome?

Doctors, psychologists and psychiatrists are generally ones to test for those who are savants. This question is In to Aspergers Syndrome and Learning Disabilities. People w (MORE)