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What degree did Marilyn vos savant get?

I don't believe that she "earned" a college degree at all, having studied philosophy at the University of Washington in St. Louis for 2 years before dropping out to work for h (MORE)

What does savant mean?

Savantism is a condition that occurs primarily in people with developmental disorders, mental retardation, or brain damage. A savant has an extraordinary ability in some area (MORE)

How do people with savant syndrome teach us about intelligence?

by given us their experience, and simplifying the process of learning what they have acquire and how they can help us accomplish the task they have now discover they can perfo (MORE)
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What is Savant Syndrome?

Savant syndrome is a condition where an individual has a mental  condition like autism. Not only that, but they also have profound  abilities or capabilities in excess of wh (MORE)